3 Places You Can Defend Yourself

published: November 9, 2017 by: firearmslegal

The 3 Places Where You Can Legally Defend Yourself

Just because you own a firearm and are licensed to carry doesn’t mean you can defend yourself anywhere you want. There are three presumed places where you can defend yourself in almost all 50 U.S. states: your home, your place of business and your car. If you are in one of these three places you can defend yourself using force or even deadly force. Here we’ll get into the specifics of what those three places really mean.

  1. Your home

Wherever your dwelling is, that is considered your home where you can defend yourself. This can be your house, your condominium or your apartment complex. However, by law, this can also mean anywhere you lay your head. This could include your boat or your car, but it can also mean your tent if you’re camping in the woods. If you’re laying your head in a tent, that is considered your dwelling, and you can defend yourself there.

  1. Your place of business

The Second Amendment allows you to be able to protect yourself and your property at your place of business. If you’re in danger at your place of business, you can defend yourself with a firearm.

  1. Your car

If you are in your automobile, you can defend yourself. However, an important keyword here is “in.” You must be physically in your vehicle to be able to defend yourself. If someone has stolen your car and driving away from you, you cannot shoot at them. That is not considered protecting yourself. If you find yourself in this situation, the best course of action is to take a picture or video with your smartphone and/or to call the police. As long as you are actually in the vehicle, then you can use a firearm to defend yourself, otherwise do not do so.

These are the three presumed places where you can defend yourself. This doesn’t mean these presumptions can’t be overcome, they can be overcome. As long as you are in one of these three places you are presumed to be lawfully defending yourself.

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