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Premium Family Plan

Premium Family Plan

This plan protects a member, his or her legal spouse, and their minor children; and pays for uncapped attorney fees for both criminal and civil proceedings associated with their lawful use of a firearm in self-defense of their persons or property. The following benefits are also covered:

$34.95 per month - Premium Individual Plan


Or $339 Annually

Carry your gun.
Carry your card.TM


Benefits Include

All benefits of individual plan plus:

  • Comprehensive coverage for member, spouse and minor children
  • Multi state coverage
  • Bail Bond protection up to $250,000
  • Expert Witness/Investigator fees
  • Minor children protection
  • Lost wages reimbursement
  • Firearm confiscation payment
  • Incident scene clean-up fee

*All plans have a one-time set up fee of $19.95 for individuals or $39.90 for families due with first payment.  Plans do not include appeal related costs.  Minor children are considered under the age of 18 and residing in the member’s home.  Certain limitations apply.  See our Legal Services Contract Membership Agreement for additional specificity.


Descriptions & Definitions

Multi State Coverage
Multi State Coverage extends coverage to a member who lawfully uses a firearm in self-defense in any state as allowed by applicable law.

Bail Bond Protection
Firearms Legal Protection will pay up to $25,000 for the purchase of a bail bond from a licensed bail bond service for a bail bond up to $250,000.

Expert Witness/Investigator Fee Protection
If an expert witness or investigator is needed, Firearms Legal Protection will pay up to $5,000 towards their fees and expenses.

Minor Children Protection
This extends a member’s plan to cover their children 18 years of age, and younger, who permanently reside with the primary member. In the event that a minor child of the primary member uses a firearm in self-defense of their person or property, as allowed by applicable law, such minor child would receive the same protection as the member.

Lost Wages Reimbursement
Attending trial may require you to miss work. Firearms Legal Protection will pay a member up to $300.00 per day for lost wages up to a maximum of $1,500 for the time that a member is required by a court or tribunal to attend trial.

Firearm Confiscation Payment
After defending yourself with your firearm, law enforcement will take your firearm from you. In the event a member’s firearm is confiscated as a result of lawfully using that firearm in self-defense of their person or property and it becomes reasonably apparent that the firearm will not be returned, Firearms Legal Protection will pay that member the fair market value up to $1,000 for the confiscated firearm.

Incident Scene Clean-Up Protection
Firearms Legal Protection will reimburse a member up to $2,500 for the reasonable and necessary costs to clean up the scene of a lawful self-defense incident in which the member was involved.