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 Learn why John Correia with Active Self Protection is a member of Firearms Legal Protection

John is a nationally-recognize subject matter expert in private citizen defense encounters and law enforment use of force, a master firearms instructor, martial artist, and member of Firearms Legal Protection.
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What can we do for you?

What does Firearms Legal Protection do for you?

We cover your legal fees, we answer your legal quesitons, and best of all we protect you in your legal self-defense situations with a legal weapon.

Why do I need a Firearms Legal Protection Plan?

Most firearm owners are completely unaware that a self-defense incident could end in prosecution, potentially jeopardizing their family, finances, and liberty. You need a protection plan and an experienced attorney to walk with you through a very serious situation.

Do I need my Alabama
Concealed Carry Weapons Permit?

You don’t need your Alabama Concealed Carry Permit to start your membership with us, but it is beneficial for many reasons. A permit is not needed to purchase a firearm in the State of Alabama yet, you do need a permit to carry your firearm.

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