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How to Properly Store your Legal Weapon

Doing research to purchase the proper firearm is a personal investment both of time and money. Where will you put your firearm when you are not using it or carrying it? An important consideration in owning a firearm is how to store it.  Firearm storage is a place where you can keep your legal weapon in a safe spot designed to be unlocked with a key, combination, or similar means that accommodates you. 

There are different types of storage options, both for long-term and short-term use. The long-term options should be a place where you can put your firearm that you use for things other than home defense; such as hunting, or competitive shooting.  The purpose of the storage is to put items away from others who you don’t want to have access. Additionally, to keep them in a place that is a secure environment, that is not in extreme conditions such as hot or cold.

Then there is the option of short-term storage.  This is a place that must be accessible for you to retrieve your firearm and use it when needed. Here are some items to think of when looking into storage options for your firearm. Watch this short video on Proper Firearm Storage for insight on safe storage and to refresh on the rules of firearm safety handling.

ASP New Gun Owner Orientation (Part 2): Proper Firearm Storage

If you have children at home, proper firearm storage is essential. There are countless tragedies that happen when a firearm is not stored properly. It is estimated that over 200,000 firearms are stolen each year from burglaries and theft. These factors are important considerations to think of when owning a firearm.

Other options to consider in addition to firearm storage are trigger locks, firearm cases, or firearm safes. While each of these items may perform a different function, make sure you understand the capabilities and limitations of any device you use to store or disable your firearm.  When storing your firearm, you should consider things such as the moisture build-up that could occur in this storage unit because rust on a firearm will make it not function properly.   

In conclusion, make sure you do plenty of research on what type of storage options work best for you and your firearm. Whatever your storage requirements or budget may be, there are plenty of options for you to find secure storage to secure your firearm when you are not using it.

If the day comes where you must use your firearm out to protect you and or your family, make sure that you have Firearms Legal Protection to protect you from the legal aftermath. Remember:

Protect Yourself. We’ll Protect You!

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