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What are your Self Protection Resolutions for 2021?

With 2021 here, many of us are looking forward to making New Year’s resolutions to improve our lives. The first thing to come to mind for most is improving health by eating healthier or losing weight.  Others focus on finances, and ways to increase their income or even save towards a house for the New Year.

Self-improvement and financial goals aside, how many of you think about resolutions regarding your self-protection for 2021? Here are a few tips on ways you can better incorporate your personal protection into your New Years Resolution.

1. Planning 

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that we need to be prepared for everything. We have seen a pandemic, civil unrest, and a rise in crime just to name a few. Have you put a plan together that better prepares yourself for what could happen to you, or your loved ones?  Additionally, does your planning include a home defense plan if you were to have an intruder?  Have you planned a safe spot in the house or a word to yell if there is an intruder in the house? What about calling 911?  Have you planned on who is calling and what to say to 911? What about a walkthrough? This can help ensure everyone is aware of what to do, should your family have an unexpected event occur in your home.  Have you discussed your home protection plan with your family? Even though you cannot plan for every situation, being prepared for a few could help protect you and your family

2. Education

This year is a great opportunity to educate yourself on specific topics such as situational awareness, what is the best holster, and even how to clean your guns. There are many topics to choose from however, we suggest sticking to a single topic that you can perfect. There are books, seminars, classes, websites, and YouTube channels that could help educate you. 

Firearms Legal Protection is a sponsor of the YouTube Channels Active Self Protection, and Active Self Protection Extra.  Active Self Protection posts a real defensive encounter on their youtube channel every day. This informative video gives you insight into the after-action report to learn lessons from these defensive encounters. They excel in educating the public on what works and does not work in defensive situations like robberies and carjackings. The approach is evidence-based, meaning they try hard not to have a pre-set dogma. For instance, they go to where the actual evidence leads towards more positive outcomes for good people. 

You can check out their YouTube channel below

3. Protection 

Here at Firearms Legal Protection, we believe in making sure that all Americans are confident in knowing that their physical and financial freedom are protected should they ever need to act in legal self-defense. Unfortunately, we see time after time cases in which a homeowner, business owner, or just your average Joe is forced to use a legal weapon in self-defense without the knowledge of the possible aftermath. For instance, just because one believes they are justified in using force or deadly force does not mean that they are immune to actions such as arrest, jail time, bond, and both criminal and civil court. Firearms Legal Protection is there to protect our members and help them to navigate their way through this journey. We designed all three of our plans with you in mind to let you determine which plan is best for you.

Important Legal Expense Fact

We have years of experience protecting our members and know that the number one expense associated with the aftermath of self-defense is your attorney cost. It is important to know that all our plans include uncapped attorney fees for both criminal and civil court. We understand the importance of sticking to your budget and offer our coverage in both monthly and yearly options. Now is the best time to take advantage of our special 2021 price offering and ensure you and your family are covered.

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