Do You Need a Gun Safe Even If You Don’t Have Kids?

published: March 19, 2018 by: firearmslegal

Whether you are an empty nester or simply don’t have kids of your own, there are plenty of good reasons to lock up your weapon. If you are worried about getting to it quickly in an emergency, there are safes designed to unlock in seconds. Protecting your home and your weapons against intruders is a must – or you could find yourself looking down at the wrong end of your own weapon.

Kids Could Visit Your Home

Even if you don’t have children of your own, if you have friends, siblings or other relatives with children a gun safe or lock is a must. A single game of “Hide and Seek” in your home – or an overly curious young visitor – could place your firearm in the hands of a child. A gun safe ensures that a wayward young relative doesn’t just stumble upon your weapon by accident.

An Intruder Could Get There First

Your weapon is for home protection – but what happens if the intruder gets to it first? An unsecured gun could actually be used against you in a robbery or home invasion; lock your weapon up to make sure it can’t be easily accessed while you are not home.

Weapons Are Highly Sought After

Your gun may actually tempt a burglar to come into your home (while you are not there). According to the home security experts at SimpliSafe, thieves target firearms for several reasons – they want to use them to commit more crimes or they wish to resell them for a profit. Securing your weapon makes it more difficult for someone to steal it.

Protection Against Nuisance Lawsuits

We recently covered a case where the parent of the criminal actually wanted the hero who stopped him to be charged with a crime. In an increasingly dangerous society you could be targeted with a nuisance lawsuit if someone steals your gun and then commits a crime.

Your Insurance Costs Could Be Lower

Your home owner’s insurance policy and your life insurance policy premiums could drop a bit if you secure any weapons in your home properly. Firearms are sometimes include in the interview questions when you apply for insurance, so confirming that your weapons are secure could help you save.

To learn more about protecting your legal rights when it comes to firearms and your home, follow our blog. Make sure you are prepared if you are ever faced with a situation where you are forced to take action and that your rights are protected after the event by getting – and staying – in touch.