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Firearms Legal Protection Increases Benefits For Members

Firearms Legal Protection Increases Benefits For Members

Firearms Legal Protection, a provider of pre-paid legal defense memberships for self-defense, is increasing benefits for members—providing higher limits on existing coverages and adding expungement of record.

Firearms Legal Protection (FLP) provides uncapped legal defense (uncapped attorney fees) for self-defense incidents. While the attorneys in the FLP network will always continue to fight to win a case without ever accepting a settlement on a defendant’s behalf, the question is occasionally asked, “Will this show up on my record?” Starting December 2021, Firearms Legal Protection will also fight for expungements of criminal record (on covered incidents not resulting in a conviction) up to $5,000. “Even if you are not convicted of a crime, an arrest can show up on an individual’s record. We want to help keep the slate clean – especially if you are not convicted of a crime” said Pliny Gale, Director of Marketing, “FLP continues to increase benefits in every way possible to help individuals recover from such a devasting incident.” This benefit will be included in all membership plans and pertain to all convictions related to any FLP-covered incident.

Firearms Legal Protection also provides several other benefits for premium memberships to help individuals who find themselves in these difficult circumstances. Coverage limits of expert witness fees, and investigator fees have each doubled (previously they were combined under a single maximum limit). The coverage limit for incident scene clean-up has increased to a maximum of $5,000.

Additionally, the payment for confiscated firearms (a benefit of premium memberships) had been updated; now paying if a firearm is not returned within six months (from conclusion of case).

The new expungement benefit will be offered to all new members at any membership level. Current members will automatically be upgraded to have these increased benefits without additional cost. With the addition of the new benefit and the increased limits, pricing will be increasing on December 1, 2021. Individual Basic membership will increase to $16.95 monthly ($199 if paid annually), Individual Premium will be $27.95 monthly ($329 annually), and the Family Premium will be 44.95 monthly ($539 annually). Discounted rates will be available through special promotions and through authorized facilities. Many Firearms Legal Protection members joined through a facility that offered a Price Lock guarantee; these members will retain their original pricing level for as long as their membership remains active.

Individuals currently considering membership are encouraged to apply before December first to be locked-in at current pricing before the increase.  

Firearms Legal Protection provides uncapped legal defense coverage for its members who legally use a firearm in self-defense or defense of others. Firearms Legal Protection is a legal service plan that provides its members with peace of mind that they can protect themselves and their loved ones. Click HERE to become a member. Protect yourself. We’ll protect you.

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