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Travel Update With Firearms


If your travel plans are taking you to the Washington D.C area between January 16, through January 23, 2021, please be aware of updated travel restrictions.  If you are flying and plan on taking your firearm(s) with you in your checked baggage please be aware that firearms will not be allowed to be transported to the area on commercial airlines going to any of these airports Ronald Regan airport (DCA), Dulles Airport (IAD), Baltimore airport (BWI), and a few other airports near the Washington D.C. area    This is being done as an additional precautionary measure in advance of the Presidential Inauguration. 

There are a few exceptions to this policy which include credentialed law enforcement officials, active-duty military members traveling on Department of Defense orders.  If you are connecting through one of the Washington D.C. airports you may be allowed to check your firearm in your checked luggage, but you will not be able to retrieve your firearm until you get to your final destination.   

Please check with your airline carrier before departing for further clarification.

Travel Safe

Terry L. Johnson,

Vice President of Legal Operations

Firearms Legal Protection