Guns and Alcohol Don’t Mix

published: March 19, 2018 by: firearmslegal

State laws concerning concealed carry of a firearm in an establishment that serves alcohol differ, mostly based on where and how much food is sold at the venue. These may even differ from county to county, so don’t ever assume that any venues will have the same regulations in your state. Most patrons – and even employees – are unaware of the laws that apply at a venue.

Because of this, you may face uneasiness from people around you seeing a gun printed or visible on you. Be respectful to anyone around you who may not be informed of the law. If the venue only allows guns which are concealed, then they must remain concealed with no exceptions.

Know Your Limits

You’re never at fault for being armed to defend yourself and others, but always be responsible – even if your state and jurisdiction allows some consuming of alcohol while armed. If you think you may be putting yourself at risk of not being able to shoot accurately and make sound decisions, stop drinking immediately and remove yourself from the venue if necessary. In the same way as operating a motor vehicle, alcohol can impair your ability to handle a firearm safely. If you were to defend yourself with any sort of alcohol in your system, you could put yourself at risk for litigation.

Be Aware of Legal Implications

Never, ever, take up an offer or challenge to fight outside if an altercation occurs. Willingly engaging in violence automatically makes it harder to prove to law enforcement that you needed to defend yourself. No matter the circumstances, choosing to fire a gun while intoxicated could put innocent lives in danger. If you willingly enter a venue serving alcohol, making smart decisions should always be your priority.

The bottom line is this – Alcohol and guns don’t mix. Whenever you holster a concealed firearm, you sign yourself up for a higher standard of responsibility. If alcohol is present in a venue where you are, then you must always be aware of the legal and safety consequences.