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John Correia & Firearms Legal Protection Continue Partnership

John Correia & Firearms Legal Protection Continue Partnership

Active Self Protection, known for detailed analysis of defense altercation footage and use-of-force scenarios has renewed partnership with Firearms Legal Protection. John Correia (host of ASP) is a member of Firearms Legal Protection and recommends the premium membership level to individuals who carry a weapon for personal or home defense.

“I am proud to partner with Firearms Legal Protection and proud to now be a consulting expert for FLP members,” Said John Correia. “FLP sets the standard in taking care of good, sane, sober, moral, prudent people who defend themselves and their loved ones, and having FLP be there for the fight after the fight is invaluable. I am proud to recommend them to my friends, family, and followers!”

John Correia is a nationally recognized subject matter expert in private citizen defensive encounters and law enforcement use of force. He is a master firearms instructor, and martial artist. Known as an expert in defensive tactics, John will be speaking at the upcoming NRA Annual Meeting  in Houston Texas (Sept. 3rd-5th ), the Concealed Carry and Home Defense Expo in Ft. Worth, Texas (Oct. 1st-3rd).

In addition to the collaboration with Active Self Protection content, John Correia will also serve as an expert witness. Firearms Legal Protection is one of few legal defense membership services that provides or covers the cost of expert witnesses when applicable to a case. “John has analyzed over 30,000 defensive encounters.” Said Terry L. Johnson, Firearms Legal Protection Sr. Vice President of Legal Operations. “His specialized knowledge in appropriate use-of force and defensive firearm tactics are incredibly valuable in providing expert legal protection for our members.”

Firearms Legal Protection provides uncapped legal defense coverage for its members who legally use a firearm in self-defense or defense of others. Firearms Legal Protection is a legal service plan that provides its members with peace of mind that they can protect themselves and their loved ones. Click HERE to become a member. Protect yourself. We’ll protect you.

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