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Lethal Force

Many people believe that someone has to be killed in order for you to be charged with a crime involving the use of lethal force.  You can be charged with using lethal force even if the person is not killed, or injured.


Lethal Force is ANY type of force used that CAN cause death; or CAN cause great harm or destruction. So as an example, if you use your firearm to defend yourself and the person you shot at doesn’t get shot or is shot and survives the gunshot wound you have used lethal force. It’s not about the result of the lethal force that you used it’s the fact that you have used such force against someone.  Lethal force not only includes things like firearms, rifles, shotguns, etc. It can also include knives, automobiles, bottles or any object that you use that could cause death to another person.


In order to use lethal force in most states you must be in imminent fear of death or great bodily harm. This means the threat is happening NOW, not sometime in the past or the future.  Lethal force should only be used as a last resort.

If you ever find yourself in a position where you have had to use lethal force call your lawyer.  Members of Firearms Legal Protection call the Emergency Hotline and we will send an Attorney out to you right away.  Chances are the Police will arrive before your Attorney arrives to the scene. Advise the Police that your Attorney is on the way and your Attorney will make a statement on your behalf after you have had a chance to discuss the matter with your counsel.


  • Using lethal force doesn’t meant some has been shot or killed, it just means that you have used force strong enough to kill or cause great harm to someone.
  • Lethal force should only be used when you are in imminent fear of death or great bodily harm (check your local jurisdiction for further details)
  • Using lethal force should be a last resort when you are left with no other choice
  • Lethal force can be any object that is used that CAN kill someone or cause someone great harm. It could be a knife, a car, a bottle, and it can also be firearm.
  • If you have had to use lethal force to protect yourself or others call Firearms Legal Protection Emergency Hotline if you are a member we will get an attorney out to you immediately. IF you are not a member find an attorney who can help you as soon as possible.


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