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What You Need To Know Before Calling 911

We have all been taught to call 911 when there is an emergency. Have you thought about what would happen when you call 911? Especially to report an incident where you are involved. DID YOU KNOW THAT WHEN YOU CALL 911… When you call 911 did you know that the call is being recording even…
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Firearm Storage

How should you store your firearm when you are not using it? Should you always have it on your person? What if you have kids or visitors in your home? WHAT IS CONSIDERED SAFE FIREARM STORAGE? Any device that prevents a firearm from being operated once it’s installed without first removing that device. Examples of…
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Family Interactions with Responding Officers

It is expected that if you have to use lethal force that the police will likely attempt to question you about the incident. Have you ever given thought to what your family may say to the law enforcement at the time and how that could impact you and your case? WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO MY…
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What Is Bail/Bond?

After someone has been formally charged with a crime (Arraignment) a Judge will consider bond for the defendant. Generally the Bond is determined by several things, the seriousness of the crime charged, does the person charged have a previous criminal record, does the person have ties to the community, and what is the danger to…
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Lethal Force

https://firearmslegal.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Lethal-Force-Website.mp4 Many people believe that someone has to be killed in order for you to be charged with a crime involving the use of lethal force.  You can be charged with using lethal force even if the person is not killed, or injured. WHAT IS A LETHAL FORCE Lethal Force is ANY type of force…
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