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When May A Person Use Deadly Force to Defend Themselves?

If someone enters your home in the middle of the night and threatens you or your family, are you able to use the firearm you have in your bedroom nightstand  that you purchased for personal safety reasons? What about if you have a gun in your car as you and your family travel to grandmother's […]


Do You Need a Gun Safe Even If You Don’t Have Kids?

Whether you are an empty nester or simply don't have kids of your own, there are plenty of good reasons to lock up your weapon. If you are worried about getting to it quickly in an emergency, there are safes designed to unlock in seconds. Protecting your home and your weapons against intruders is a […]


Know When Deadly Force is Appropriate and What Happens Next

Americans have the right to protect themselves and their property. Laws may vary by state but there are definite situations where one is legally protected in using deadly force. Proper considerations must be taken into account during a specific circumstance. If you own a firearm, learn about the repercussions if you find yourself shooting in […]


Every Gun Owner Should Consider a Gun Trust

By now, I'm sure most of you are familiar with the term, “gun trust.†People often assume the process of establishing a gun trust, like many legal processes, is costly and time-consuming, and maybe even unnecessary. Plus, if you don't own a museum-quality collection of rare and expensive weaponry, why would you need a gun […]


What Happens to Your Body During an Assault?

All of us who keep a weapon for self-defense, or go further and get a license to carry a gun, are prepared to use it to defend ourselves. We’re not going on the offensive – we’re only going to use a gun when we need to protect ourselves or our family. We prepare ourselves at […]