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Why A Pre-Qualified Attorney Is Better Than Your Choice

Why A Pre-Qualified Attorney Is Better Than Your Choice Many companies offering insurance for firearms-related self-defense incidents proudly proclaim the advantage of “selecting your own attorney.” At first glance, it would seem like getting to pick your own attorney would be better than selecting from a pre-qualified pool of attorneys, wouldn’t it? After all, having…
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2021: The Year In Guns

2021: The Year In Guns From constitutional carry and ghost gun legislation to TSA confiscation records—and a year of gun sales that might surprise some—2021 was a year to remember for firearms enthusiasts, manufacturers, and owners alike. Including one of the more notable self-defense cases in United States history. Let’s take a look back at…
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Great Holiday Gifts For Gun Owners

Great Holiday Gifts For Gun Owners Gun owners don’t just want guns for the holidays. There are gifts of all kinds that will please and delight the gun owner in your life. Here’s just a sample that will make your gift-giving season even brighter—many with valuable discount codes if you are a current member of…
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Binary Triggers Explained

We tend to focus on serious topics like home defense and concealed carry or even tips to purchase a firearm but it’s good to remember there are fun, safe, and legal activities you can partake in from being a firearm owner. Well, what if we told you that a particular kind of drop-in replacement trigger…
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Considerations When Purchasing a Firearm

Considerations When Purchasing a Firearm A nice-looking firearm is good, but a functional firearm is even better. The best firearm is the one that fits your needs, whether that be sport shooting or home defense. Asking friends or worse—internet forums, for their opinion on the best firearm will give you infinitely many answers. Every opinion…
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School Safety

School Safety As the school session begins again, we need to start planning for a successful year that will increase our overall knowledge and set the stage for success in life. Safety is a key component of life, and that importance should extend to our school routine as well. Planning our day ahead of time…
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Ammunition Storage Tips

Ammunition Storage Tips If you own a firearm, you already know that keeping ammunition in stock is a must. When you buy ammunition, you also need to purchase the items to store it properly. Short-term storage of ammunition is often pretty easy, but longer-term or unknown-term ammunition storage can be very tricky, so what’s the…
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Your Own Personal OPSEC

During World War II, a notable concern was Operational Security, or OPSEC. The slogan on many posters was “loose lips sink ships” with a drawing of a US Ship sinking after being torpedoed by an enemy submarine. The thought behind the slogan was that what individuals inadvertently said or did would likely place our service…
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Indoor VS. Outdoor Shooting Ranges

So, you want to go shoot? In some areas there may be limited options of available shooting ranges. Some places may have many ranges of different styles. Residents of many western states are even fortunate enough to head out to public land (usually BLM land) to go shoot. Everybody has a preference on the type…
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FLP Introduces “Smart Discounts” Program for Members

Firearms Legal Protection is pleased to introduce the new “Smart Discounts” program, providing members with great deals on trustworthy brands and products related to shooting and personal defense.  Members can log into the member portal and click “Smart Discounts” to access a collection of discounts from brands related to shooting, personal protection, and even hunting.…
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