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School Safety

School Safety

As the school session begins again, we need to start planning for a successful year that will increase our overall knowledge and set the stage for success in life. Safety is a key component of life, and that importance should extend to our school routine as well. Planning our day ahead of time should become a part of that routine. Schools need the most protection these days, does your school allow you or your teachers to carry on the property? Most schools do not (per state law) but some states and school districts are moving in the other direction. It is important to find this information out so you can be fully prepared to protect yourself legally and/or physically.

Whether your child rides the bus, is driven by family or friends, or drives himself the following should all be taken into consideration. I recently reviewed a terrible case in which a bus driver didn’t watch the child clear the bus doors, and a tragedy occurred. Talk to your child about bus safety and how to get on and off the bus safely and efficiently. It is also a good idea to have contact with your child’s bus driver and ensure that they are professional and thorough in performing every aspect of their job. It is important to also exchange cell phone numbers, find out the timings of pick-ups/drop-offs, and consider attending every PTO meeting. Meet the Transportation Administrator and ask the pertinent questions: what are the driver’s roles and responsibilities? What training have they received? What do they do in the event of an accident or emergency? How will I be notified if a situation arises? These questions are not to make demands of the driver or administrator, but to understand their roles better and to let them know that you are paying attention. Asking questions like this will go a long way in creating confidence and trust in the system designed to protect your child. Now is also the time to talk about bus stop safety and conduct with your child. I also reviewed a case where a kidnapping was attempted (thankfully unsuccessfully) from a bus stop. Your child needs to hear from you what dangers may exist due to the increase in Human Trafficking and general criminality as well. Remind them about boundaries and what to do if an incident arises. Consider a Neighborhood Watch Bus Stop monitor or even just personally monitor your child’s bus stop and develop a rotation with other parents. This is also a great way to meet the neighbors! Speaking to your children about drugs is also something that needs to occur. Unfortunately, illegal drugs are widely available in our neighborhoods and schools. Fentanyl is being misused greatly, and many overdoses have recently been attributed to this drug. Warning your children concerning drugs and alcohol is always appropriate, but especially now as the school year begins again.

Make sure your child has a walking buddy.

Many people say, “schools should be a safe haven from violence and should be free of dangerous weapons like guns”. Students already have to worry about keeping their grades up, but for them to have to also worry about mass shootings and other violent crimes like aggravated assault occurring on campus, is pretty stressful. Finding a way to implement a system on campus with proper legal protection would be ideal, whether that includes staff with proper training to be able to carry or law enforcement to protect students and staff on campus. There are countless opinions on this matter. Ultimately, if there is proper legal protection on campus grounds, this will make the environment safer by creating practical defense and deter criminals because this creates an environment that poses a threat to criminals. Criminals would be less likely to target places that are armed therefore crime rates on campus would decrease. Students who are walking around campus trying to get back to their dorm or go to their next class must watch out for themselves, creating a safer environment would make students and staff day to day easier for them if there was proper protection with weapons to defeat the bad guy. The is a complex matter and likely there is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but it is important for those who value self-defense and who understand firearms to be a part of the conversation.

For those being driven or driving to school, ensure that the driver is not texting! This has become so prevalent that accidents have increased exponentially around the nation due to lack of attention and awareness. This cannot be overemphasized. Understanding how to change a flat tire or who to notify is an excellent idea as well. Leaving early enough and giving yourself plenty of time helps reduce the “rush” that may garner a speeding ticket or increase the possibility of having an accident. Talking them through how chaotic an accident scene is, and what to expect from the 1st Responders (Police, Fire, Paramedics) may grab their attention enough that they may decide to avoid it at all costs! 

Lastly, discuss now with your child (age appropriate, of course) how politically charged the “national” conversation has become. The current environment requires tact and thoughtfulness. Sometimes saying less is best. The rule of thumb should be to not engage in a conversation that may become inflamed and ultimately result in violence. Regardless of your opinions or leanings, kindness and politeness are extremely valuable and necessary in the public forum.

For those who carry a firearm (on your person on in a vehicle) there are many different rules that you must follow on school property in front of the school, but you can never enter the building legally with a firearm. In many states you can carry in your own vehicle even if you are on school property (because your vehicle is your property). Of course, state laws will vary, which is why it is important to find out where your state or school district stands on being a gun free zone and whether teachers and staff can defend themselves or their students. Many times teachers and school administrators do not know or cannot accurately describe the law, to look at state statutes and local ordinances. Concealed carry instructors and attorneys can often offer helpful advice.

If you are a member of Firearms Legal Protection you can submit a question to a defense attorney through the MyFLP mobile app.

If you can or choose to carry on your campus, whether you are a student or a staff member, make sure you are legally protected. You could be put in a situation where you must use your legal weapon, whether it is a firearm, pepper spray, or pocketknife. If that day comes where you must protect yourself, make sure you know what will happen afterward. With Firearms Legal Protection having your back when you are protecting yourself creates security.

Please feel free to contact Slater Tactical Solutions or Firearms Legal Protection if you have any questions concerning any aspect of safety, security or 2nd Amendment issues. Thank you and have a safe and happy School Year!

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This content was provided by Gary Slater with Slater Tactical Solutions. We want to give a variety information from reputable sources with first hand experience on teaching their students valuable information. He gratefully shared this information with us to inform our members/potential members with useful topics. Shout out to Gary Slater!

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