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Security Tips While Traveling

As you make your travel plans this season, consider taking a few preparatory steps to help ensure your family’s safety and security. These steps can be used whether you are driving back and forth to work or traveling to a distant vacation spot.

First, commit to having a “half-tank” rule. Learn to drive on the top half of your gas tank. There is no worse feeling than falling below a quarter of a tank and being in an unfamiliar location. While your cellphone or GPS-enabled device can certainly assist you in finding a station, there is no guarantee that the station has fuel. Unfortunately, fuel shortages can occur during tornadoes or hurricane season due to interruptions in the delivery. So, once you reach half a tank, the priority is filling up.

Second, keep your doors locked. While this seems like common sense, I have seen car-jackings occur on major roadways because the driver failed to lock their car door. Seatbelts and locked doors should go hand in hand.

Third, have a “go-bag” prepared and readily available. Load a quality backpack with extra bottles of water, bags of trail mix, handi-wipes, matches, a flashlight, spare batteries for all your electronics, a complete First Aid kit with a tourniquet (or two), and disposable medical gloves. The bag should also include your 2ndAmendment additional equipment and a change of clothes. The internet has many possible bag setups for you to choose from.

Fourth, purchase a fire extinguisher designed for car fires. These can be acquired locally for around $20. I recently came upon an accident with fire, and my small extinguisher helped prevent the situation from getting worse.

Fifth, have your route preplanned and prepare for delays. Giving yourself ample time is a great way to prevent stress. Figure out your expected time of arrival (ETA), and add one hour per meal stop, and thirty minutes for each refueling stop. If you don’t use all the time you planned for, and arrive early, BONUS! More time at your destination!

Lastly, and most importantly, encourage everyone to become Situationally Aware. Pay attention to your surroundings, as far as you can see (in all directions), what you can hear, and TRUST YOUR GUT. Being finely tuned to what is happening in this “Bubble” can help you be exponentially safer than someone who isn’t switched on to their surroundings. When you are driving, push your “Bubble” from horizon to horizon to your front and rear, use your mirrors, and do not focus on the cars directly in front of you. Consider keeping your 2ndAmendment equipment within arm’s reach in case of an immediate security threat. It may also be a good idea to develop simple “response” plans and give out assignments to the occupants. The kids will LOVE being involved!

Using these tips can help you be safe and secure. Please do not hesitate to contact Slater Tactical Solutions or Firearms Legal Protection with any questions you may have. Bon Voyage!

This content was provided by Gary Slater with Slater Tactical Solutions. We want to give a variety information from reputable sources with first hand experience on teaching their students valuable information. He gratefully shared this information with us to inform our members/potential members with useful topics. Shout out to Gary Slater!

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