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Shut Up and Call


Yes it is simple, Yes it is funny, Yes you should do it!

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Shut Up and Give me this Coverage!

You just used a firearm in self-defense…

“Your heart is racing, your experience was in slow motion. You are trying to recall how this even happened, but you know you are not done yet. You have to call 911 and alert the authorities. What do you say and more imortantly what do you NOT say.

1. Call 911

– First  TAKE A DEEP BREATH so when you call you will be able to speak slowly and clearly. 

– Then call 911 tell them there has been an shooting incident, give the address, and hang up.

2. Call the FLP Emergency Hotline

– An attorney will answer and anything you say will be confidential. 

3. When the Police Arrive

Do what is asked of you. Let the police know you have already called your attorney and you will speak with them once your attorney has arrived. 

–Don’t do what the lady in  this image is doing and start talking.–

I want this coverage!
Shut Up and Call