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What Happened to the Ammo?


Answers on Ammo Shortage

You have the gun you wanted! You are trained and ready to carry! …But you are asking the question that is on the mind of many citizens, “What Happened to all the Ammo?” Since the COVID-19 lockdowns, there has been a surge in the purchase of buying firearms. You check your firearm it’s ready, locked, and…wait it’s not loaded. Why is there little to no ammo out there?

Currently, the demand for ammunition is 10 times higher than it was back in 2013 when we had an ammunition shortage. In 2018, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) reported that the entire industry made 8.1 Billion rounds of ammo, across all caliber and gauges. NSSF also reports that ammo sales are up 139% year over year. Demand could be driven by psychological factors including hoarding. People will hold on to things like ammo because they feel it’s not as easy to get and is viewed as a necessity for many. The idea is the more you have, the safer you may be if something happens. This creates a shortage and drives up demand for ammo.

Events like the COVID-19 lockdowns, created additional demands as new gun owners entered the market at a record pace. The result of this has caused demands for ammunition to increase just as rapidly. Ammunition companies are already at capacity and working maximum shifts just to try to meet the demands of the market. Adding new production is costly and takes time and resources to implement; not to mention work shutdowns due to the pandemic.

Raw material shortages such as gun powder have also contributed to the unprecedented storage. Primer shortages recently have come about and are making the raw supply of ammo even more difficult to manufacture. It’s hard to manufacture ammo when you can’t get the basic components needed to make the product. Take all these factors together with riots, civil unrest, work shortages due to health concerns, and supply chain disruptions and you end up with ammunition shortages.

When will the Ammo Shortage End

Many people are asking the question “When will the ammo shortage end?” The unfortunate answer is no one knows. Some say at least 12 months, others are saying this will last until late 2022. There are many factors outside of manufacturing components to consider when estimating an end to an ammo shortage. What does the political climate look like in the next few months? Will a new administration look to repeal existing gun laws? Is there a cure in the future, for COVID-19? Will civil unrest continue? These questions and many more make it difficult to answer the questions when will the ammo shortage end. Stay in touch with your local ranges or ammo suppliers for updates.

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