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Active Self Protection

Are you prepared for the

If you been a fan of Active Self Protection for any length the time you know most of the things it’s going to take to win the fight for your life.

But the minute that fight is over you now have the second fight for your life and that’s where Firearms Legal Protection comes in.

Hi everyone! It’s John and today’s active self protection lesson for you is surviving the fight after the fight.

The second that defensive encounter is over you are now in a fight for the rest of your life with the legal system for
both criminal and civil and you got to have help.

I Need to Be Protected Today

I’m doing everything I can to help you win the fight. Before the fight and the fight itself through our active self protection channels.

But the second your fight is over, you will enter into a world which you are inexperienced to handle, and you will need help.

You’ll need attorneys, spokespeople, expert witnesses, counseling help, and all of that stuff takes time and unfortunately cost a ton of money.

I Want the ASP Discount!
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That’s why for me in mine, I trust the people at Firearms Legal Protection! 
I am a member of Firearms Legal protection!

1. They are heart felt and value added people!
2. They provide excellent and comprehensive benefits
3. They offer a Discount for Active Self Protection fans

Click the button below to see their plans and consider what your financial overhang might be. I’m telling you can be tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Choose the plan that’s right for you and your family. For me, I chose the premium membership because it works best for what I believe I will need in that moment.

Thanks for coming by and let Firearms Legal Protection help you handle the fight after the fight.

I Want to be Prepared for the Fight After The Fight!

ASP Fans

If you have any questions about Firearms Legal Protection before joining us please fill out the form below.