Firearms Legal Protection is a legal defense program for lawful gun owners. WIth a 24/7/365 emergency hotline, and plans designed specifically for the firearms owner, Firearms Legal Protection is the best legal protection for self defense.


Protection is Your Most Important Tool

Firearms Legal Protection has recognized a need to educate lawful gun owners on their rights, and to assist our members in securing the legal services necessary following the lawful use of their firearm in self-defense or defense of others. Firearms Legal Protection is the best legal protection for self-defense.

Led by E. Allen Chandler Jr., a retired Lieutenant Colonel , who served our country for over 20 years within the U.S. Army JAG Corps, and now serves lawful gun owners by sharing lessons learned throughout his 30 years of criminal trial experience. Every interaction after a self-defense incident can make a difference between returning home to your family or fearing for your freedom. If you are ever forced to defend yourself or your loved ones, know that when the police arrive, you will be the lead suspect in a homicide investigation. Most gun owners spend many hours training to protect their family if they are ever forced to. Do you think about what happens after a self defense shooting?

Firearms Legal Protection's legal defense program was created to specifically serve the lawful gun owner if they are ever forced to protect themselves or their family. With a 24/7/365 emergency hotline answered by an attorney, we want to get you expert representation as soon as possible to minimize your time involved in defending yourself. When you are involved in a self defense incident, minutes matter and we do not want you to make a statement until your attorney arrives. We have a team of over 2,500 local, experienced attorneys ready to defend you. With our protection plans you can choose to include nationwide coverage, expert witness coverage, bail bond protection, incident scene cleanup services, lost wages reimbursement, counseling benefit, and spouse and minor children coverage.

After you defend yourself we are with you every step of the way, providing you peace of mind and helping you protect your freedom and financial resources. Firearms Legal Protection, Your #1 Firearms Accessory.

What happens when I call the emergency hotline?

What happens when I call the emergency hotline?

  • Your call is answered immediately by an attorney. The emergency hotline is staffed 24/7/365 by Firearms Legal Protection attorneys who are experienced in self-defense legal proceedings.
  • Your Network Attorney is Dispatched Immediately A local, experienced criminal attorney is dispatched immediately. Minutes matter when being interrogated by the police. We do not want you to make a statement until your attorney arrives.
  • You will be protected With plans specifically designed for the lawful gun owner, know that we will be with you every step of the way.
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Plan Options

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$12.95 Monthly or $139 Annual

  • Uncapped attorney fees Defense for civil and criminal cases within resident state
Most Popular Premium Individual

$21.95 Monthly or $239 Annual

  • Bail bond protection up to $250k Nationwide coverage provided in this plan
Premium Family

$39.95 Monthly or $399 Annual

  • Includes spouse and minors All coverages within Premium Individual Plan


Being forced to use a weapon in self-defense is one of the most traumatizing moments you will ever experience. In such a critical and highly stressful situation, knowing what to do next can mean the difference between freedom and incarceration. We educate members on what to do and say, should you have to defend yourself. Our attorneys are available to meet members at the police station and walk with them step-by-step through legal proceedings.

E. Allen Chandler, Jr.

President - Firearms Legal Protection

  • Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army – Retired
  • Over 30 years of Criminal Defense Experience
  • Former Army JAG attorney – Deputy Director of the Army’s Criminal Law Division
  • Former Felony Prosecutor for the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office
  • Expert Marksman, Avid Outdoorsman and Hunter
  • Served in the US Army Field Artillery
  • Member of the Texas, California, and Supreme Court Bar Associations
  • Gonzaga University School of Law – Juris Doctor Degree
  • Saint John’s University – Bachelors Degree in Business Administration



Learn why you want local, experienced criminal attorneys ready to serve you 24/7 via the Firearms Legal Protection hotline



With Firearms Legal Protection you will learn what needs to be in your After Action Plan to be prepared for a self defense event



Preserve your freedom and assets, with an uncapped, unlimited legal defense plan today that will provide criminal and civil legal services