In what states does Firearms Legal Protection currently offer membership?
Currently Firearms Legal Protection offers membership based on your state of Residence, in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia. If you purchased a Premium plan, then you are covered in all 50 states if you are in lawful possession of your weapon according to the state law that you are located. If membership is not yet open in your state, stay tuned!


How do I update my membership information or payment details?
Access our member portal here to update your payment information.


How can I pay for my membership?
Firearms Legal Protection accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Diner’s Club via our website or our customer service line at 1-844-357-9400. We offer monthly or annual payment plans.


How can I stay connected with Firearms Legal Protection?
Join the Firearms Legal Protection conversation anytime. Click here to contact us now or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also check out our blog, The FLP Feed and our videos on YouTube.


What additional information does Firearms Legal Protection provide?
Firearms Legal Protection provides education and awareness on changes to gun legislation, industry publications, free seminars, home safety tips and discounts on gun-related accessories.


When will I receive my Firearms Legal Protection membership card?
Upon receiving your first monthly membership payment, Firearms Legal Protection will mail you an introductory package and membership card welcoming you to our family.


Does Firearms Legal Protection cover the bond if I am charged with a crime following a firearm incident?
Yes! Your membership will provide for a bail bond up to $250,000 resulting from a Use of Firearm Incident.


Will I have legal protection throughout the United States?
If you are a Premium member, the benefits of your membership follow you anywhere in the United States where you are in lawful possession of a firearm or weapon according to the state law in which you are visiting.


What if I am involved in a non-shooting incident with my firearm?
Call the Emergency Hotline Number. Firearms Legal Protection also covers "flash" or "display" . When officers arrive be compliant and courteous but do not give a statement until your attorney arrives to assist you.


What if I have been in a self-defense situation where I have used my firearm? What do I do next?
As soon as you are safe call 911; let them know that you have been attacked. Ask them to dispatch officers and an ambulance. You will be shaken and flustered but remember to give no additional details or statement as your call is being recorded. Hang up and call the Emergency Hotline Number for assistance. Your Firearms Legal Protection attorney will arrange to meet and defend you.

Remember to be compliant and courteous when officers arrive at the scene. Tell the officers that your attorney is on the way and that you have no additional information to share until you have spoken with your attorney.


What happens when I call the emergency hotline?
The Emergency Hotline is staffed 24/7/365 by Firearms Legal Protection attorneys. Your call will be answered immediately, and you will begin the judicial process hand-in-hand with an experienced local attorney.


Am I covered for the use of any firearm or handguns only?
Your membership provides legal protection for Use of Firearm Incidents where any type of firearm is used.


Do I have to shoot my firearm in order to activate protection?
No, Firearms Legal Protection handles “flash” and “display” claims as well as the firing of your weapon in self-defense. If a member lawfully flashes or displays a firearm with the intent to use it to create apprehension in an offender or to protect yourself, you have legal protection.


Why do I need Firearms Legal Protection if I have a homeowner’s insurance policy?
Most standard homeowners insurance policies do not cover Use of Firearm Incidents. In addition, Firearms Legal Protection pays your attorney fees and other fees associated with Use of Firearms Incidents.


What is the difference between prepaid legal services like Firearms Legal Protection and insurance?

Pre-Paid Legal Services - A pre-paid legal services membership covers attorney fees incurred by a member who lawfully uses a firearm in self-defense. Most of these plans only cover attorney fees, not expert witness or investigator fees or charge extra for this protection. These fees, and many others, are included in Firearms Legal Protection premium plans.


Under a pre-paid legal services plan, normally your attorney is located and provided for you. Some insurance plans make a big deal about this, but it is done for many reasons, one is the plan providers have researched and should have contracted with attorneys who are experienced in Criminal Law and/or have notable experience handling firearm self-defense cases. This is the case with Firearms Legal Protection. We are proud to offer local, experienced Criminal Law attorneys and/or attorneys who specialize in firearm self-defense cases. With Firearms Legal Protection you always retain your right to reject your attorney and ask for another one.


Insurance Plans

In short, if you purchase a self-defense insurance plan and subsequently use your firearm in self-defense, you personally will pay attorney fees and expect to be reimbursed up to the limits of the policy. Your reimbursement is contingent on being fully acquitted or if the charges are dropped before trial. If you are not acquitted or the charges against you are not dismissed but instead you enter into a plea bargain with the State or go to trial which ends in a hung jury or a conviction, the legal fees you have already paid for your criminal defense will not be reimbursed.


Your criminal trial also affects insurance coverage for any civil case brought against you. If you are found guilty at trial or accept a plea bargain, your civil insurance coverage ends. And, the normal course is for the insurance carrier to choose and hire the attorney handling your civil trial. Further, under most insurance policies the insurance carrier has the right to settle any civil matter or case without your permission.


“You may terminate your agreement for any reason. If you terminate within seven days of being accepted as a member, you will be refunded all membership fees and initial registration costs that you have paid. After seven days, you must provide FLP with thirty day notice of your desire to terminate your membership, after which your membership will cease to be effective and a refund of the prorated portion of your membership fee will be returned to you. Please refer to the Membership Benefit Agreement for further details.”


Is Firearms Legal Protection considered insurance?
Absolutely not. Obtaining legal services through Firearms Legal Protection membership is not considered insurance but rather a legal protection service plan providing uncapped payment for attorney fees. You never pay a deductible or co-pay as you are required to do with most insurance plans.


How is your program different from other legal services programs?
Firearms Legal Protection differs in three ways:

1) We pay your attorney fees directly for both criminal and civil actions. Unlike most legal protection plans, we are not an attorney reimbursement system.

2) We take the time to research and provide you with a local attorney who is experienced in Criminal Law, and/or has experience handling firearms related incidences where self-defense occurs.

3) We provide the most comprehensive protection at the lowest price while never sacrificing member service.


What is a Firearms Legal Protection plan?
Firearms Legal Protection provides uncapped legal defense coverage for its members who legally use a firearm in self-defense or defense of their family or property. In short, Firearms Legal Protection is a legal service plan that provides its members with peace of mind that they can protect themselves and their loved ones without going into debt or losing their home.


Is Firearm Legal Protection a law firm?
No, Firearms Legal Protection is a legal defense membership services program featuring one of the largest networks of experienced Criminal and Civil Law attorneys that specialize in firearm related cases.


Why do I need a Firearms Legal Protection Plan?
Most firearm owners are completely unaware that a self-defense incident could end in prosecution, potentially jeopardizing their family, finances and liberty. If you are forced to defend yourself against an attack in your home, you will likely be arrested, have your firearm confiscated and be required to adhere to the judicial process. You need a protection plan and an experienced attorney to walk with you through a very serious situation.