Firearm Confiscation Payment

If your firearm is confiscated by law enforcement, we’ll help you get it replaced.

In the event law enforcement confiscates your firearm after a self-defense incident, Firearms Legal Protection can provide compensation to help you get a replacement.

If your legally-owned firearm is confiscated by law enforcement as the result of a covered self-defense incident, and you fill out the proper paperwork 60 days after the conclusion of any legal proceedings, Firearms Legal Protection will compensate you with the fair market value (excluding any aftermarket customizations) of your firearm up to $1,000. You can use this to replace your firearm or get something else. If you happen to get your firearm returned (sometimes it is returned, sometimes it never leaves the evidence locker) after the payment, we won’t ask for it back.

*This benefit is not available in California or North Carolina.

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*Not available in every state. In some states, Firearms Legal Protection offers a prepaid legal membership. In other states, Firearms Legal Protection offers an insurance product, regulated by the laws of that state. To view product availability and designation by state, please visit the availability page.