Biden Doubles Down On Gun Enforcement

A cell phone showing President Biden's Twitter page

Today, President Biden doubled down on the gun legislation of last summer by signing an executive order which extends legislation that would restrict gun ownership.

The executive order will:
Attempt to increase the number of background checks.
Promote more secure firearms storage.
Ensure that law enforcement agencies are reaping the benefits of last summer’s legislation.

Although today’s executive order won’t change U.S. government policy, it directs federal agencies to make sure existing laws and procedures are being complied with.

Background checks. Biden’s order instructs Attorney General Merrick Garland to emphasize and enforce rules for federally licensed gun dealers—and stressing their requirement to perform background checks.

Of course, every licensed FFL dealer is required to run a background check for firearm purchases or transfers.

Carry permits in many states (which already require a background check) streamline the process by completing the check when the permit is issued, rather than with every individual purchase.

Some states (like Washington) require private party transfers to go through an FFL. Because “increased background checks” doesn’t really make sense at face value, it may be used to reinterpret or expand the use of NICS check in the few places they’re not already required.

Ballistic data reporting. The executive order mandates extended reporting of ballistics data from federal law enforcement. This is part of an attempt to create a clearinghouse of data that would allow federal, state and local law enforcement to match shell casings to guns.

Gun marketing report. President Biden is also asking the Federal Trade Commission to analyze how gun manufacturers market to those under 18, and how they use military imagery to promote the sale of their products to the public at large.

In addition, Biden has instructed the Cabinet to communicate aspects of last summer’s legislation to law enforcement agencies, particularly Red Flag Laws.

A little less than half the states in the nation have some form of Red Flag Laws on the books. Biden already signed an executive order to create model Red Flag Law legislation for states to implement. This may be a doubling down on that initiative.

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