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Coreware & Firearms Legal Protection Attend the NSSF Range-Retailer Business Expo

Coreware & Firearms Legal Protection Attend the NSSF Range-Retailer Business Expo

(New Orleans, Louisiana) Firearms Legal Protection, a provider of pre-paid legal defense memberships for self-defense, will be attending the NSSF Range-Retailer Business Expo (July 11-13th) in association with Coreware, an exhibitor at the event.

Coreware provides a comprehensive suite of business software solutions tailored to firearm retailers and shooting ranges. “The CoreFFL package provides everything from 2A-friendly credit card processing to membership management, to point-of-sale systems, to a customizable eCommerce system that integrates with everything else in the store,” said Joel Cheney, Coreware Director of Marketing. “While other outside software systems are becoming less friendly to the firearms industry, Coreware is focused on building systems dedicated to the unique needs of ranges and retailers.”

Ranges and retailers utilizing coreSTORE or the coreFFL business suite, will find an expedited and streamlined way to sell Firearms Legal Protection Memberships, providing a powerful new revenue stream that does not rely on physical inventory. To learn more about this collaboration, please speak to one of the Firearms Legal Protection leaders at the Expo, or complete the contact form.

Firearms Legal Protection provides uncapped legal defense for members who use a firearm (or any legal weapon) in self-defense or the defense of others. Unfortunately, when people use a weapon in self-defense they could be arrested, jailed, or face extensive legal costs. Firearms Legal Protection provides members with peace of mind in these difficult situations by covering all attorney fees and providing other benefits, including bail bond protection and incident scene clean-up. Firearms Legal Protection operates a 24-hour attorney-answered emergency hotline for members. All Firearms Legal Protection members receive legal protection against Red Flag laws, and are provided access to webinars, product discounts, and more. Protect yourself. We’ll Protect you.

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