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Ethical Preparedness Recommends Firearms Legal Protection

“Good people deserve the same legal protection that cops get!”

“The police rarely get criminally charged or successfully sued after police action shootings. That is because they have an incredible legal defense team to protect them and guide them through the legal process following an officer-involved shooting, and I believe that citizen self-defenders deserve this same legal protection that police officers get after a self-defense shooting.

Welcome everyone, this is Ethical Preparedness. I am a 20-year police veteran and I also have the emergency preparedness channel called Ethical Preparedness. I have unfortunately been forced into a Deadly Use of Force encounter during my career so I have personal experience in this subject.

As a member of Firearms Legal Protection: as soon as you are forced into a self-defense shooting, you can call their 24/7 hotline to immediately reach one of their expert attorneys to start protecting you from the legal system.”

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“One wrong word can land you in jail or cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars”

“As a 20-year police verteran who has had the unfortunate experience to be in a critical self-defense situation, I know first-hand how a self-defense shooting affects a person both mentally and physically during and after the incident. 

Many people don’t realize that it’s natural for a person, who is in fear for their life. 

* Shoot many rounds at their attacker because of panic and fear for their life
* Have lapses in memory due to the traumatic experience
* Have snippets of the event to be ‘out of sequence’ in their memory due to ‘brain overload’ after  the event
* And to speak in what’s called “excited utterances” and say things that can be easily misconstrued by over-zealous prosecutors and greedy civil attorneys that could land them in jail or cost them a ton of money. 
…and all of these are things that an over-zealous prosecutor or greedy attorney may try to use AGAINST YOU to falsely paint you as a vigilante or a cold-blooded murderer.”

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“That’s why I, a 20-year police veteran who has had the unfortunate personal experience in Deadly Use of Force, recommend that all self-defenders belong to Firearms Legal Protection”

“Under the premium Membership, Firearms Legal Protection will:
1. Have a bail bondsman waiting to help you bond you out of jail should you get arrested.
2. Provided free-of-charge, expert Criminal Defense attorney to legally protect you during the initial investigation. 
3. And again, free-of-charge, have the Criminal Defense Attorney fight for you in criminal court and Civil attorney if you go to court on a civil issue. 
4. And they also offer a Discount for Ethical Preparedness fans*

So check out below to see their plans and which one is best to protect you and your family. And as somebody with personal experience in this subject, I believe that the INDIVIDUAL PREMIUM is what provides the closest same legal protection that law enforcement gets. 

Thank you for stopping by and letting Firearms Legal Protection protect you if you ever need to use legal force to protect yourself from a criminal.”

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Please review the three levels and benefits below to find the best price and fit for you and/or your family.


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