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FLP’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide For Gun Owners

FLP’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide For Gun Owners

The holidays are the perfect time to give gifts that make a gun owner’s eyes light up—without having to buy them a firearm!

Here’s a collection of items from fun to functional that can make a brighter holiday for you, or the gun owner in your life.

19-in-1 Pistol Multi-Tool
Versatility is everything when you need a tool—and this one is maximized for the most use you can get from one workhorse of an instrument. Be ready to break down, tweak, accessorize, or adjust your handgun anytime, anywhere.

Gun-Shaped Lighters

Some are small, and some are full-sized—but they’re all an uncommon way to light your fire. Powered by butane, and easy to refill, they’ll make any fire unforgettable. And a real conversation starter.

How To Talk To Your Cat About Gun Safety
“What is the right age to talk to my cat about the proper use of firearms?” is just one of the straightforward and useful question posed in this book. If you have a cat, and a gun, this information is a must. Even if you don’t own a cat, you’ll get a kick out of this book’s approach.

Teslong Gun Barrel Camera
Almost any gun bore can be inspected with this camera’s .20-inch outer diameter. Featuring a 1280×720 resolution, it displays in HD for pictures or video. Never miss pitting, excessive lead wear, rust damage, or anything going on inside your bore ever again.

Wild Shot Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit

Super, all-inclusive gun cleaning power in a convenient and appropriate package. Tools that work on shotguns, handguns, or rifles. Be stylish, be clean, and have all your instruments in one high-caliber container.

“Anatomy Of A Pew” Mug
So funny, yet so true. Break down all the elements of a round in the simplest, most whimsical terms for anyone using, or just viewing, this mug. Just the thing for someone who loves the Second Amendment, or just simplifying things for those who don’t.

Gun Cylinder Pen Holder & Paperweight
Make sure you’re loaded with all the writing instruments you’ll need—to fire off memos, sign important documents, or just doodle. This heavy-duty die-cast pen holder & paperweight will definitely create an impression beyond just keeping your stuff in one spot.

Angry Garden Gnome

Not all garden gnomes are sweetness and light. This one says, “Say hello to my little friend” while packing heat. Let folks know YOUR garden isn’t for the uninvited. Good for indoor or outdoor settings.

Bellaa Pistol Bookends

Vintage six-shooter bookend that will add a rustic authenticity to any office, mancave, desk, or book collection. Oil-rubbed and ready for display with a hand-tooled look that attracts just the right kind of attention.

If you’re a Firearms Legal Protection member, you have access to these great holiday gifts—at a discount! With our members-only discount benefit, Discount Genius.

Orion Tilt Black Hat Clip Light
Only $18.74 with Discount Genius savings
You haven’t lived till you’ve experienced the benefits of a clip light on your ball cap. This 30 lumens beauty from Cyclops Solutions gives you hands-free light anywhere you turn your head—and contours to your brim, so it doesn’t obstruct vision. Convenient and indispensable!

Hi Viz Sight Replacements
$55 to $135
Only $41.25 to $101.25 with Discount Genius savings
Upgrade your fixed sights with these hi-visibility replacements from Hi Viz. Available for the vast majority of common firearms, these replacements will upgrade your shooting experience in a more than clearly visible way!

Otis Snap Caps

Only $11.99 with Discount Genius savings
Precision machined out of solid aluminum, and hard anodized in red, they’re great for inexpensive practice, safety training, function checks, or making adjustments to trigger pull. High quality and extremely useful. Includes 5 snap caps for 9mm, 45ACP, 380ACP, .38/.357, or 40SW. Includes 3 caps for .44mag and .45 Colt.

Earshield Electronic Earmuff with Bluetooth

Only $59.99 with Discount Genius savings
The fast attack time of these optimal noise-blocking earmuffs minimizes interruption of ambient hearing, allowing you to make calls or listen to music while shooting. Built to last, and built for comfort, they’re compact and foldable, so they’re easy to carry or store.

Ready Up Gear LaserDot Trainer
Only $50.96 with Discount Genius savings
Just insert the Laser Dot Trainer cartridge into the chamber of your firearm, and you’re ready to go! These caliber-specific inserts will show you just where you’re shooting on the trigger pull! And the dot can be seen 100 yards away at night! 3 LR626 batteries provide up to 3000 “shots” before a change!

Savior Specialist Range Bag
Only $84.99 with Discount Genius savings
Everything you’ll need for the range. A lockable main compartment, 3 cushioned pistol sleeves (also individually lockable), and a lockable front pocket. Lightweight, available in four colors, and it comes with Savior’s Lifetime Warranty.

Shooter’s Choice Bullseye Box Universal Cleaning Kit
Only $149.99 with Discount Genius savings
When they say, “universal,” they mean it! Cleans firearms .22 cal through 12 gauge. Bore brushes, bore mops, MC-7 cleaner, lubricant, grease, rust prevent, and hundreds of square patches. Over 300 items are contained in a tackle box-style case.

Spot Shot Wifi Spotting Scope Camera

Only $149.99 with Discount Genius savings
Having a spotting scope is great—but having a universal camera mount for any scope is even better! HD Wi-Fi technology along with a rechargeable battery featuring an 8–10-hour life for each use. You’ve already invested in a spotting camera, so don’t just spot—get live streaming HD video from your spotting!

Vulcan Weatherlock Pistol Bag

Only $97.74 with Discount Genius savings
WeatherLock Technology resists natural elements when you store your firearms. It’s water-resistant, puncture-resistant, easy to clean, and lightweight. If you want a pistol bag that means you never have to worry about the weather, this is the one.

Zerust Rust Prevention Vapor Capsules

Only $1.27 to $79.80 with Discount Genius savings
Nearly nothing is as bad for a gun than rust, and nothing’s as good at stopping rust than Zerust. There’s not a gun safe or case that can’t benefit from Zerust capsules, which come in a vast variety of offerings for every need—small to large.

Mantis X3 Shooting Performance System

Just $152.99 with Discount Genius savings
Improve your trigger pull, grip, and accuracy without firing a single round. You can train at home, and it works with any firearm. Just use an accessory rail and you’ll have thousands of data points collected as the X3 analyzes your shooting in real-time. Works with dry fire, live fire, Airsoft, and simulated firearm systems. Used by the Army, Marines, and Special Forces.

Firearms Legal Protection
$16.95 monthly/$199 yearly

We don’t like to brag, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our own product. It’s what we think is the finest coverage a gun owner can have in an instance of self-defense. To learn more, all you have to do is click. If you’re buying a membership as a gift, just list the recipient in the contact information—and yourself in the billing information.

The holidays are a time of joy and giving. Help someone experience joy by giving them a gift they will remember, and treasure, for years to come.

And, Happy Holidays from Firearms Legal Protection.

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