Making A Statement

Making A Statement
If you are involved in a situation where you have used lethal force you will at some point encounter Law Enforcement who will want a statement from you. Before you SAY or DO anything you should understand a few things that could get you into a point of no return.


A statement is not always written down by you or someone else. It could be something you have SAID to another person or an ACTION you did (towards the Police or anyone else) for example a Nodding of your head to a question could be determined as a statement you have made.
One of your constitutional rights is the right to remain silent. Many have heard the term anything you say can and will be used AGAINST you. You can say “I didn’t do it” 99 times but if you say ”I DID IT” just once that statement is used against you. The other 99 statements of “I didn’t do it” will not help you.
If you have used lethal force to defend yourself (or others), chances are you are in a highly emotional state, and that is not the right time to say something that can and will be used against you.


If you are involved in a shooting, call your lawyer or if you are a member of Firearms Legal Protection call us on our Emergency Hotline and we will send an Attorney out to you right away. Chances are the Police will arrive before your Attorney arrives at the scene. Advise the Police that your Attorney is on the way and your Attorney will make a statement on your behalf after you have had a chance to discuss the matter with your counsel.


Don’t talk to the police without your Attorney present.


  • Shut Up and Call™ ! Because…
  • The Police will most likely separate you from everyone and everything while the investigation is taking place. This includes your phone.
  • You will probably not get a chance to use your phone to call anyone after the police arrive. You will not get to speak in person to anyone (including your spouse or children) with the exception of your Attorney.
  • If you are one of our members call our Emergency Hotline.
  • Remember to wait for your Attorney, don’t take anything for granted and remain silent until legal representation arrives.
  • Call the Firearms Legal Protection Emergency Hotline if you are a member and we will get an attorney out to you. If you are not a member, find an attorney who can help you as soon as possible.

Firearms Legal Protection provides uncapped legal defense for members who use a firearm (or any legal weapon) in self-defense or the defense of others. Unfortunately, when people use a weapon in self-defense they could be arrested, jailed, or face extensive legal costs. Firearms Legal Protection provides members with peace of mind in these difficult situations by covering all attorney fees and providing other benefits, including bail bond protection and incident scene clean-up. Firearms Legal Protection operates a 24-hour attorney-answered emergency hotline for members. All Firearms Legal Protection members receive legal protection against Red Flag laws, and are provided access to webinars, product discounts, and more. Protect yourself. We’ll Protect you.

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