Notable New Products From The 2022 SHOT Show

Notable New Products From The 2022 Shot Show

The 2022 SHOT Show returned to Las Vegas in a big way—with more convention area and dozens of new products, as more than 2,400 companies turned out to show off their wares.

We obviously can’t list every new product that was announced at the show. So, here are just a few of the most talked about items from a 2022 SHOT Show packed with new products and innovations.

Bergara rifle frame.

The lightweight chassis-based bolt-action trend continues to grow with new options from existing manufacturers in this category like Bergara and Christensen. Joining established makers in the growing category are new players like Aero Precision, known for their AR parts and scope mounts.





The TX 22 pistol from Taurus.

Last year, when Taurus announced a new affordable 22LR target pistol, it looked like Taurus was seriously upping their game within the affordable price range for which they’re known. This year, they have a new “Steel Challenge Ready” model of the TX22 with several upgrades already applied (mostly from Tandemkross), making this a great option for shooters who want to jump into the competitive rimfire world.





A box of 30 Super Carry ammuntion

When was the last time you remember a new pistol caliber being announced? Federal Premium is introducing the new “30 Super Carry”. Time will tell if it catches on. It definitely has some serious advantages over 380 Auto and other “mousegun” calibers, but can it realistically compete with the 9×19 that has essentially been a world standard for nearly 100 years?





Detail feature from firing button selector for a new binary trigger.

Binary Trigger for Glock 17 from Franklin Armory.
Expected for release later in 2022, the G-S173 turned some heads at the show. It’s a paired trigger and slide system with a selector lever on the slide that allows for semi-auto or binary firing. A cancellation feature also allows bypass after pulling the trigger, aborting firing on trigger release. And, while the G-S173 is on the way, more models are expected to follow.





Photo of the Palmetto State Armory Rock pistol.New “Rock” 5.7x28mm from Palmetto State Armory.
Following in the footsteps of Ruger, and FN before them, PSA continues to push the idea that the 5.7×28 is a great cartridge that should be more accessible. PSA will offer the 5.7 Rock with an optic cut, and without, and each model will have a 23-round magazine. The Rock is expected to be available for purchase by mid-March 2022.





The EFLX red dot sight from EOTech.New EFLX Mini Reflex Sight micro-optic from EOTech.
It looks great, and it’s awesome to see another compact optic from an American manufacturer (most come from overseas). It looks like a great design, but this optic uses the mounting platform of the Leupold DeltaPoint, which is an odd choice compared to the now more popular Trijicon RMR or Shield RMSc mounting platforms, or the common “footprint” shared by Vortex, TRUGLO, Burris, and Docter Optics.





A Smith & Wesson pistol

Smith & Wesson CSX.
Aluminum framed single action-only carry gun that is not completely just another 1911. 9mm, micro-compact, it comes with 10 and 12 round magazines. At first this seems like it would compete with their new “Shield Plus”, but examination shows that this is a completely different gun with a significantly different feature set. As one of the biggest gun companies in the world, they are giving their customers options—which is certainly appreciated.




Camouflage shaded Beretta pistol

Beretta M9A4.
Beretta backed out from the show at the last minute this year, but they still had a notable product launch—the M9A4. This is an interesting follow-up to the M9A3 that failed to win the US Army modular handgun contract in 2017. Is this the ultimate evolution of the M9 platform? Or just a brand being stuck in the past and continuing to build out versions of the same old gun instead of coming up with something new? You decide.





A silencer from Nosler

More silencers from new manufacturers.
This is reminiscent of the time when people thought the Hearing Protection Act had a chance in Congress, and many new manufacturers were tooling up to make cans. Silencers are still NFA items, but with the form 4 moving to eforms, (meaning much faster processing), manufacturers are obviously expecting increased demand. While it may be harder and harder to innovate on the concept of a metal tube, we are seeing new modular concepts and incremental innovations, including new silencer manufacturers on the scene, like Nosler—typically known for rifle projectiles and ammunition.



The Springfield Armory Hellion in a side viewThe Springfield Armory Hellion.
Springfield Armory just designed and released an all-new bullpup rifle design. Well, kind of, but not really. SA announced the “Hellion” (which continues their “Da Vinci Code-esque” naming convention of Saint, Hellcat, Hellion. (We can probably envision a “Springfield Demon” in the future.) But, this rifle looks to be a civilian legal version of the Croatian VHS2 carbine used by the Croatian military. Springfield is acting as an importer more than a manufacturer or designer, similar to what they did with the XD pistol series. Whether you call it the Hellion or the VHS2, it’s still a cool-looking design. Priced at nearly $2,000, it will be interesting to see if this hellpuppy can make a splash in a world dominated by low-cost and mid-range AR-15s.


A Walther pistol on a table with range target trees in the background

Walther PDP SD Pro.
The 2022 SHOT Show debuted the release of this latest PDP variant. The PDP SD Pro features a threaded barrel, and optic cut, and an improved trigger. The PDP itself was a re-imagining of the popular PPQ line, so we’re excited to see this product family continue to grow and evolve.  There’s a full-size and a compact—the full-size offering 18 and 10 round magazines, and the compact offering 15 and 10 round magazines. (Fun fact: Many Canik magazines can also work in the PDP, as the Canik is essentially a licensed copy of the Walther P99.)



A cell phone that disguises itself as its really a stun gun

Streetwise FRiPHONE Cell Phone Stun Gun.
This startlingly realistic stun gun could pass for anyone’s smart phone. And that’s the whole idea. Easy to conceal and light enough to go anywhere, it also contains an LED flashlight, a loud alarm, and—although actual output is difficult to measure—compares to units that claim to deliver 14,000,000 volts.

That’s just a quick glance at the vast array of new products and innovations that people are talking about from SHOT Show 2022. When they aren’t talking about how they can’t wait for SHOT Show 2023, of course.

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