Why A Pre-Qualified Attorney Is Better Than Your Choice

Why A Pre Qualified Attorney Is Better Than Your Choice

Many companies offering insurance for firearms-related self-defense incidents proudly proclaim the advantage of “selecting your own attorney.” At first glance, it would seem like getting to pick your own attorney would be better than selecting from a pre-qualified pool of attorneys, wouldn’t it?

After all, having your choice of whatever attorney you want is a good thing, right?

No. Not really. And here are just a few of the reasons why.

A seal bearing the scales of justice and the word attorney with a fountain pen next to it.The illusion of choice. When someone offers you the ability to choose—the ability to pick whatever attorney you want—it seems like a huge benefit. After all, having your choice in anything usually feels like a major advantage.

But let’s think about it. What if, instead of reviewing every attorney on the face of the planet, your attorney came from a select group of the very BEST attorneys available to address your specific legal need?

That’s what it’s like when you get a pre-approved attorney skilled in the area of criminal defense with a firearm specialty.

Choice might seem like a great thing, but pre-qualification and certification is even better.

A specialty is narrow, but that’s good. You wouldn’t ask your dentist to perform open heart surgery, would you? A specialist will know the latest developments and legal nuances applicable to your problem. Up-to-the-minute knowledge. That’s why having trust in thepre-qualifying of attorneys for their superlative skill in criminal defense with firearms knowledge is such an advantage.

An attorney you happen to know who is a generalist may have skills, but a specialist has applicable expertise in the field of law you’re involved in when you need it most.

Expertise. (It goes hand in hand with experience.) It’s important to find a lawyer who has relevant experience with the legal area that you need.

The most accomplished general attorney available likely won’t do as good a job of defending you as skilled criminal defense attorney with self-defense experience involving firearms.

Criminal defense involving both self-defense and firearms is a unique kind of legal situation, with countless nuances that you really don’t want your legal representative learning “on the fly.”

Practitioners of criminal law in the area of firearm self-defense know every nuance of the law in question. They know how to challenge evidence. They know the common, and uncommon, procedures in that field of law. They will know how to present your strongest case. They know how to negotiate settlements based on that area of law.

In short, they possess more specific expertise to devote to your case than a generalist.

Lawyer in a meeting at his desk with members of his legal teamExtensive resources. An experienced attorney in the areas of criminal law and self-defense using a firearm comes to the table with more than just thorough legal knowledge of the subject at hand.

These attorneys also possess a variety of resources that will be invaluable. Knowledge of the specific courts, prosecutors, and judges that will be involved. Access to experts in the field who can help your case. And, all of these resources are directly applicable to you and your situation.

These resources give you the benefits beyond the attorney’s legal knowledge—to include their extended network of human capital they’ll bring to bear in your defense. Obviously, possessing a wealth of resources that a generalist will not possess.

Insurance reimbursement. Many other programs “let you choose your own attorney because they do not have an extensive network of attorneys. These are often just insurance programs that essentially reimburse you for the cost of the attorney’s fees. Firearms Legal Protection does it a bit differently—maintaining a network of attorneys who are paid directly by FLP. So, you never have to choose, or worry about price at all.

Good communicator regarding your situation. A pre-qualified attorney with experience in self-defense using a firearm can speak with you frankly about your issue. Such an attorney has clients who’ve been in your specific situation before. They also know what you are facing—and can prepare you for a myriad of potential eventualities.

When you need it most. The attorney that files your startup business documents with the state certainly must possess skills. However, those requirements don’t carry with them the critical urgency of a firearm self-defense need.

When you call upon a criminal law attorney to defend you after the defending yourself or another with use of a firearm, you are calling upon their services when you need them more than anything else. And they know just how important that service is at that most crucial time. Another reason a pre-qualified specialist with a track record of success is such a vital benefit—because the outcome can be both expensive, and long-lasting.

Not having to choose can be an advantage. Think about the last time you bought an expensive product. You probably did some research and read a lot of reviews. When you are in an urgent self-defense situation, there is n o time to do this research and determine which attorney is right for you. It can be far better to try to catch your breath, and rest assured that it’s being handled.

Not just one attorney, but a team. When you call the hotline after an incident, who answers at Firearms Legal Protection? An attorney. Who arrives on the scene? An attorney. And who represents you in court? An attorney, naturally. And, it might be three different attorneys. That’s because FLP has a large and diverse network of attorneys—designed to assist members throughout each stage of the legal defense process. So, you get the best of the expertise, location, and response time of each attorney.

A very large advantage over “that attorney you got to choose” who has to do it all.

The most important thing. A pre-qualified attorney who practices criminal law with expertise in self-defense when a firearm is used? They possess a greater likelihood of winning your case or securing a favorable outcome.

And isn’t that really why you need an attorney for a self-defense situation in the first place?

Firearms Legal Protection wants to protect its members in the best and fullest way possible. So, we pre-qualify attorneys who are proven, skilled practitioners in the fields of criminal law and firearm self-defense.

Firearms Legal Protection provides uncapped legal defense for members who use a firearm (or any legal weapon) in self-defense or the defense of others. Unfortunately, when people use a weapon in self-defense they could be arrested, jailed, or face extensive legal costs. Firearms Legal Protection provides members with peace of mind in these difficult situations by covering all attorney fees and providing other benefits, including bail bond protection and incident scene clean-up. Firearms Legal Protection operates a 24-hour attorney-answered emergency hotline for members. All Firearms Legal Protection members receive legal protection against Red Flag laws, and are provided access to webinars, product discounts, and more. Protect yourself. We’ll Protect you.

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