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Category: FLP News

FLP Introduces “Smart Discounts” Program for Members

Firearms Legal Protection is pleased to introduce the new “Smart Discounts” program, providing members with great deals on trustworthy brands and products related to shooting and personal defense.  Members can log into the member portal and click “Smart Discounts” to access a collection of discounts from brands related to shooting, personal protection, and even hunting.…
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Firearms Legal Protection Extends MyFLP Mobile App to all Members

Firearms Legal Protection is pleased to announce the expansion of the MyFLP mobile application, extending it to all members. Previously, the MyFLP app was only available for Individual Premium and Family Premium memberships. Starting in June, 2021 the mobile application will be available to Individual Basic (single state) members. “The application contains the emergency hotline…
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Travel Update With Firearms

If your travel plans are taking you to the Washington D.C area between January 16, through January 23, 2021, please be aware of updated travel restrictions.  If you are flying and plan on taking your firearm(s) with you in your checked baggage please be aware that firearms will not be allowed to be transported to…
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