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How To Buy A Used Gun

How To Buy A Used Gun Just because someone else has owned and used a gun doesn’t mean it won’t be a fine firearm for you. Kind of the same principle as a used car. But there are a few things to keep in mind when considering the purchase of a used gun. Where to…
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What Revolver Action Is Your Type?

What Revolver Action Is Your Type? You may have heard the terms “single action” or “double action” and others to describe how a gun fires. Or maybe you’ve heard terms about the way a revolver is loaded—like “hinge loader” or “swing out”. Well, there’s no need to let the mystery of these terms continue any…
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A Quick Look At Bullet Types

A Quick Look At Bullet Types Different bullets with different materials and different designs for different purposes. It’s good to know as many as possible, so you can get the best performance from your firearm efforts. Here are just a few mainstream examples you’ll want to keep in mind. Lead Round Nose—composed entirely of lead,…
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Shotgun Shells 101

Shotgun Shells 101 It’s pretty easy to just slide a shell into your trusty shotgun and go about your business. But what’s a shotgun shell made from? How is it constructed? How does it really work? The answer to all these questions and more as we walk you through Shotgun Shells 101. Anatomy Of A…
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Facts About Silencers (And Yes, They’re Legal)

Facts About Silencers (And Yes, They’re Legal) Silencers. A lot of people would like one. And, a lot of people—incorrectly—believe you can’t legally own one. Not only will this article dispel some common myths about silencers, it will actually detail step-by-step how you can go about having a silencer. (If you live in one of…
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Iconic Movie Firearms

Iconic Movie Firearms Everybody has their favorite movie firearm—and the variety of reasons is endless. Sometimes, it’s a great part of the plot. Sometimes, it defines the hero or villain of the movie. And sometimes, it’s just an awesome weapon. Here’s a sampling of favorites—from the expected to the obscure—selected by the staff of Firearms…
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Notable New Products From The 2022 SHOT Show

Notable New Products From The 2022 SHOT Show The 2022 SHOT Show returned to Las Vegas in a big way—with more convention area and dozens of new products, as more than 2,400 companies turned out to show off their wares. We obviously can’t list every new product that was announced at the show. So, here…
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2021: The Year In Guns

2021: The Year In Guns From constitutional carry and ghost gun legislation to TSA confiscation records—and a year of gun sales that might surprise some—2021 was a year to remember for firearms enthusiasts, manufacturers, and owners alike. Including one of the more notable self-defense cases in United States history. Let’s take a look back at…
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Great Holiday Gifts For Gun Owners

Great Holiday Gifts For Gun Owners Gun owners don’t just want guns for the holidays. There are gifts of all kinds that will please and delight the gun owner in your life. Here’s just a sample that will make your gift-giving season even brighter—many with valuable discount codes if you are a current member of…
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Binary Triggers Explained

We tend to focus on serious topics like home defense and concealed carry or even tips to purchase a firearm but it’s good to remember there are fun, safe, and legal activities you can partake in from being a firearm owner. Well, what if we told you that a particular kind of drop-in replacement trigger…
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