Should You Shoot At Steel Targets

Should You Shoot At Steel Targets

Conventional wisdom would advise against shooting at hard targets because they could cause a dangerous ricochet. You certainly wouldn’t want to “shoot your eye out” like Ralphie in A Christmas Story, but when properly used, steel targets offer many benefits over traditional paper targets. Steel targets are made from a hardened steel and are designed […]

Are Brass Knuckles Legal?

A man brandishes a set of brass knuckles toward camera

Brass knuckles are, without question, easily transported self-defense implements that carry a serious punch, but are they actually legal? HISTORYGiven their simplicity of design, it probably isn’t surprising that brass knuckles—in some form or fashion—have existed all over the world for centuries. Since at least the 12th century, brass knuckle-style fist enhancements have been used […]

Dealing With Cosmoline

Dictionary listing for the word "gunk" which describes the messy nature of cosmoline

Cosmoline can work wonders when it comes to protecting a stored firearm from rust, but all that anti-rust protection comes at the price of an extensive and messy cleanup. So, just what is cosmoline, how did it gain mass usage, and most importantly, how do you get that glop off of your firearm? WHAT IS […]

What Part Of The Country Has The Most Guns?

Rifle rounds make up the shape of the continental United States

The definitive number of how many firearms are owned by Americans doesn’t exist, but there are a number of metrics available to formulate an estimate that can establish which regions of the country possess the most firearms. The Small Arms survey from 2020 estimates that there are 393 million firearms legally and illegally owned in […]

The James Bond Gun

The James Bond Gun in comic book style illustration with colorful background

Although the Walther PPK has become almost synonymous with legendary super spy James Bond, you might be surprised to learn that it wasn’t always that way as the handgun has a history fraught with as many twists & turns as that of 007 himself. WHY WALTHER? BECAUSE BOND WAS ALMOST KILLED BY A BERETTA.Although the […]

Does A Customized Gun Increase Legal Liability?

A handgun that has been excessively customized with a plethora of add ons.

Adding enhancements to a firearm has become more than enjoyable, more than practical, and more than necessary. It’s now a common practice with an industry totally supporting and providing options to gun owners. But the big question is, do customizations increase your legal liability? The answer to that question boils down to how you carry, […]

Just How Often Should You Clean Your Gun?

Just How Often Should You Clean Your Gun?

The opinions regarding how often a firearm should be cleaned are as vast and varied. Some insist that your gun should be cleaned every time you glance at it, and others observe a hard count of rounds fired. The U.S. Army cleans all its firearms—pistol, rifle, machine gun, etc. —every 90 days whether they’ve been […]

What Is The Civilian Marksmanship Program?

Someone firing a pistol at a target on a shooting range

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) is a program that is dedicated to teaching firearms safety and marksmanship skills to both civilians and members of the United States Armed Forces. It offers a variety of firearms training opportunities, including competitions, clinics, camps, and educational programs. CMP also provides resources for shooting sports enthusiasts, such as marksmanship […]

Biden Doubles Down On Gun Enforcement

A cell phone showing President Biden's Twitter page

Today, President Biden doubled down on the gun legislation of last summer by signing an executive order which extends legislation that would restrict gun ownership. The executive order will: Attempt to increase the number of background checks. Promote more secure firearms storage. Ensure that law enforcement agencies are reaping the benefits of last summer’s legislation. […]

Is A Defensive Shotgun Right For You?

A man fires a shotgun on the range.

The advantages of a shotgun for defensive purposes, particularly in a home or at close quarters, can sometimes get lost in the rush to choose an everyday carry firearm. However, it’s worth considering a shotgun and the benefits it can provide in certain situations. And, weighing the options available to see if it’s right for […]

A Year’s Worth Of Shooting Tips

Auto Draft

Among the popular features of the Firearms Legal Protection monthly newsletter is the Tip Of The Month. Each and every month, we offer up a handy tip that can broaden your firearm knowledge and performance. We’ve assembled all of the 2022 tips right here, in one place, where you can see them all. A great […]

Off-Body Carry: Should You Ever Do It?

Off Body Carry: Should You Ever Do It?

Carrying off-body (in a backpack, handbag, etc.) vs. on-body (belt holster, shoulder, holster, ankle holster, or belly band) is one of the more contentious topics in the world of personal carry. There are good points on both sides, but like most things, context is extremely important. Carrying off-body means carrying with you, but your firearms […]