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What Nature Lovers Should Know About Conservation & Firearms

What Nature Lovers Should Know About Conservation & Firearms Nature lovers come in all shapes and sizes, and from all walks of life. Rock climbers, hikers, kayakers, wildlife photographers, and others all come together on the subject of loving the great outdoors and all that goes with it. And, even though a great number of…
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Facts About Silencers (And Yes, They’re Legal)

Facts About Silencers (And Yes, They’re Legal) Silencers. A lot of people would like one. And, a lot of people—incorrectly—believe you can’t legally own one. Not only will this article dispel some common myths about silencers, it will actually detail step-by-step how you can go about having a silencer. (If you live in one of…
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Why A Pre-Qualified Attorney Is Better Than Your Choice

Why A Pre-Qualified Attorney Is Better Than Your Choice Many companies offering insurance for firearms-related self-defense incidents proudly proclaim the advantage of “selecting your own attorney.” At first glance, it would seem like getting to pick your own attorney would be better than selecting from a pre-qualified pool of attorneys, wouldn’t it? After all, having…
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2021: The Year In Guns

2021: The Year In Guns From constitutional carry and ghost gun legislation to TSA confiscation records—and a year of gun sales that might surprise some—2021 was a year to remember for firearms enthusiasts, manufacturers, and owners alike. Including one of the more notable self-defense cases in United States history. Let’s take a look back at…
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It’s Official… Permitless Carry Passes in Texas!

Let’s start back in January of 2016; Texas changed their handgun carry permit from a “Concealed Handgun License” (CHL) to a “License to Carry” (LTC). This change of course, was not just for the sake of change, but because of a change in the carry laws in the Lone Star State. Texas started allowing “Open…
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Looming Gun Control through Executive Action

In the many executive actions recently announced, the President is in the process of trying to halt the spread of unserialized firearms and trying to make it easier for people to flag family members using Extreme Risk Protection Orders. Based on these actions, it looks like more clarity on the application and use of stabilizing…
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The Bump Stock Controversy

Let us start by refreshing ourselves on what a bump stock is and what it does. A bump stock replaces a standard rifle stock which is held against the shoulder. Instead of being rigid like a normal rifle stock, a bump stock (most notable models produced by Slide Fire Solutions out of Texas) allows the…
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Basic Knowledge of Firearm Ownership

Basic Knowledge of Firearm Ownership Ownership of a firearm comes with great responsibility.  Along with this responsibility, there are several things you should be aware of if your firearm is ever stolen or lost.  The possibility of someone stealing your firearm unfortunately is real.  According to data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there was…
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I am Locked up. Now what?

I am Locked up. Now what? Have you ever thought of the legal aftermath you will be faced with if you are ever forced to use lethal force to defend yourself? Many people fail to consider, and prepare for the time if they may be arrested…even if you feel your actions were justified? What if…
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Travel Update With Firearms

If your travel plans are taking you to the Washington D.C area between January 16, through January 23, 2021, please be aware of updated travel restrictions.  If you are flying and plan on taking your firearm(s) with you in your checked baggage please be aware that firearms will not be allowed to be transported to…
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